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Welcome to the ALL NEW Jimmy Flintstone Studio Store! Please take a look around. If you don't see something, just ask! Below are our newest pieces. Please enjoy.

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NB8 '51 Studebaker coupe Image


NB8 '51 Studebaker coupe
'51 Studebaker bullet nose Starlight coupe

NB283 '55 Chrysler C300 Wagon Image


NB283 '55 Chrysler C300 Wagon
1/25 scale 1955 Chrysler C300 Wagon

NB284 '39 Dodge Cab Over Image


NB284 '39 Dodge Cab Over
1/25 scale 1939 Dodge Cab Over

NB285 '30's - '40's Utility box Image


NB285 '30's - '40's Utility box
1/25 scale utility box 1930's - '40's

NB286 1926 Ford Image


NB286 1926 Ford
1/25 scale 1926 Ford T sedan delivery

NB287 '41 Lincoln, shop truck Image


NB287 '41 Lincoln, shop truck
1/25 scale 1941 Lincoln, custom cab over, shop truck

NB288 Custom cosmic trailer Image


NB288 Custom cosmic trailer
1/25 scale Custom cosmic trailer

JF93 Wild Bill Kelso Image


JF93 Wild Bill Kelso
120mm scale model

JF113 Wally Gator Image


JF113 Wally Gator
3 1/2"high figure

JF114 Col. Hogan Image


JF114 Col. Hogan
120mm figure

JF115 Gen. Adolf Galland Image


JF116 Pirate Image


JF116 Pirate
120mm figure

JF117 Conquistadore Image


JF117 Conquistadore
120mm scale model

JF118 Japanese Officer Image


JF118 Japanese Officer
120mm scale model

JF119 Russian Tanker Image


JF119 Russian Tanker
120mm scale model



1/18 scale model

JFN196 Shrunken Head Frankie Image


JFN196 Shrunken Head Frankie
Shrunken Head Frankie

JFN197 Vat Me Worry Image


LF18 Shotgun Bride Image


LF18 Shotgun Bride
1/7 Scale Model kit

LF19 Cave Girl Image


LF19 Cave Girl
1/6 Scale Model kit

LF20 Warrior Girl Image


LF20 Warrior Girl
1/6 Scale Model kit

LF21 Devil Girl Image


LF21 Devil Girl
1/6 Scale Model kit

DRF4 The Burger King Image


DRF4 The Burger King
150mm Scale Model

DRF46 Rocketease Image


DRF46 Rocketease
120mm Scale Model

DRF52 Creature Gill Girl Image


Micro T2 Image


Micro T2
3.5" tall Model

Micro Snake Image


Micro Snake
3.5"tall Model

DRF92 Striperella Image


DRF92 Striperella
1/12 scale model

DRF144 Ratzilla Image


DRF144 Ratzilla
Short Description

DRF145 Chicken Hawk Image


DRF145 Chicken Hawk
1/8 scale model

JFSL19 Image


H/O Scale 50's Custom Truck

JFSL21 Image


H/O Scale Corvette Makoshark